Stephanie Towler, Managing Member:

Stephanie Towler began working with IDT Landscaping in 1996. Stephanie was hired as the Office Manager. Stephanie developed and implemented a budget for IDT. She successfully established a way to reduce costs, and eliminate debt. Stephanie introduced fleet management to include: insurance, service records, and employee benefits to create an employee profit sharing program based on performance. Stephanie’s efforts have helped employees moral and their initiative to see IDT succeed and have been a huge benefactor in customer retention. When Stephanie learned Mike Tompkins was selling IDT Landscaping she and Raul Chacon purchased IDT Landscaping from him. Stephanie recognizes the commitment and dedication which built IDT and has continued to make it her mission, to guarantee that IDT Landscaping operates with the same commitment and integrity it is known for.

Raul Chacon, Managing Member:

Raul Chacon began working with IDT Landscaping in 1998 as a small equipment maintenance technician. Raul’s skills and wits were recognized very quickly and he was then put in charge of all the irrigation maintenance, and then eventually he was promoted to Supervisor. Raul along with Stephanie purchased IDT Landscaping in 2007. Raul today oversees the day to day operation of the crews, scheduling and conducts property visits daily. Raul has implemented a way to reduce fuel burden and materials cost by strategically scheduling each job and enforcing our no waste policy. This has allowed us to pass our savings down to our customers. Raul’s consistent commitment to our customers is seen in everything he does. Raul’s extensive expertise of every aspect of operations is a tremendous attribute to the daily function of IDT Landscaping. Raul is truly an expert in landscape management.

Mike Tompkins, Director of Landscape Operations:

Mike Tompkins is one of the original owners of IDT Landscaping. Mike built IDT from the ground up and to this day and is a strong contributor to the success of IDT. Today Mike is in charge project management, and design. Mike is extremely involved in the day to day functions of our landscape operations. Mike has an eye for detail, his knowledge, and design expertise has been a huge asset to the success of IDT.










Cat Zaccardi, Client Liaison: 

Cat Zaccardi has over 18 years of experience in client and team management, with 15 of those years in the landscape and construction administration fields. She has been a valuable part of the IDT Landscaping family since 2002. Cat works closely with crew supervisors to ensure that our crews understand the needs and expectations of our clients. She provides proposals to new and existing clients while managing client relations by handling a wide variety of customer inquiries, client communication, and overall customer satisfaction.  Cat is committed to providing the highest quality customer service to accurately represent IDT Landscaping’s core operations.


The Crew:







Our Foreman has worked with IDT Landscaping for over 10 years. They have seen the changes and growth first hand and know the importance IDT places on each relationship. They are all very well educated and knowledgeable in their field. Their expertise and dedication is the driving force behind our success.

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